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How to Convert PPT to PDF

AltoPDF team

Jan 22 2020 / 9 min read

Extracting images or textual information from a PowerPoint presentation can be difficult.

It can be especially frustrating when you are trying to reuse the needed text by converting the file into a different format. In addition, those who often need to share information in this manner, know that PPT format is sometimes not as reliable as PDF.

Luckily, you can do this conversion process using our online program. It is free of charge, and it doesn’t require you to download any software or complete any time-consuming registrations. Any text, spreadsheets or images can be easily opened with any device.

The following directions will help you to convert your file in just a few easy steps:

1 Open the online converter in your browser

 The first and the easiest way to open the converter is to type into your web browser’s address bar.This will immediately redirect you to the site. Another way to reach the site is to type "alto convert PPT to PDF" in whatever search engine you are using. You can do this with any mobile phone, computer or tablet that has an internet connection.

The website will look like the following:

2 Upload the file to the platform

To add your PPT, select it from the list of documents contained in your device or just drag and drop the necessary file to the upload box. Also, the document can be added from whatever cloud storage you prefer to use. Once you add it, the preview icon will appear and you will be able to begin the conversion.

3 Convert the PPT to PDF

 Next, you need to start the conversion process. Click on the “Convert Now” button and wait a few seconds. As a result, you’ll have a document that will look just as good as its PPT version. The quality of information and formatting of the document will remain the same.

The conversion process will look like the following:

4 Save the file to your computer

 The converted PDF should be immediately saved, since the system automatically removes all documents from the website once you are done. Even if you reload the page or start another conversion, all previous templates will be deleted. Click on the “Download PDF” button to save your sample to the internal storage of your device. You can also save it to the cloud storage service that you are using. Simply select one of the cloud service icons located under the button to save the sample to the cloud.